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The MadeByPi Digital Clinic is run by our expert team who will inspect your website or app, interpret the data and evaluate it form a user experience (UX) perspective. At the end of the process, we will give you a set of recommendations and forward plan.

This is a great opportunity to have your digital products evaluated by an expert team of consumer researchers, strategists, creatives and technologists. Part artists and part scientists, they work daily with leading brands to deliver solutions that increase engagement, retention and revenue growth.

How it works

Once booked, we will contact you to understand your business challenges and how you feel the product is underperforming. We will then start the evaluation process that will focus on three main areas:

Analytics Audit
Are you using the right tools and are they set up correctly? What do the analytics say about your digital products and user behaviour? What are the biggest data-driven opportunities?

Qualitative Analysis
Here we evaluate the products user interface (UI) through a set of accepted standards and rules to test for general usability.

User Experience (UX)
We will go through the entire customer journey and identify the weak points and how the funnels and call-to-actions can be enhanced to increase conversions.

What we report

When our evaluation is complete, we will invite you to our offices in Headingley for the Digital Clinic session where we will report our findings and recommend solutions that may cover any combination of:

Technical evaluation
Audience behaviour
Desktop v mobile performance
Behaviour analysis
Lead generation
UX, funnels and conversion rates
Website architecture
Bouncing visitors
Cart abandonment
Competition analysis

UX audit session

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To find more about the MadeByPi Product Design Sprint please complete the booking form or contact Toby Jordan. No matter what stage you are at with your digital products we would love to hear from you. Aside from Digital Clinic we offer Design Sprints and Digital Clinics.

About MadeByPi

MadeByPi is a full service digital experience agency. We provide end-to-end digital services from opportunity spotting through to development and marketing. And we do it at sprint speed.

We are multi-award winning, with a 20-year track record and a diverse team of consumer researchers, strategists, creatives, technologists and marketers all experts in our fields.

Part artists and part scientists, we work with leading brands to deliver solutions that drive engagement, retention and revenue growth.

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