MadeByPi Design Sprint

Sprint from problem to prototype in just 3 days

The MadeByPi Design Sprint is an adaptation of the Google Ventures Sprint, it’s a fast and economical way to fix existing products and create new ones.

During the sprint, we help you better understand your audience, identify areas where you need to improve, fix problems and plug gaps with new ideas. Working together we go from problem to validated prototype in the shortest time possible.

The process is particularly suited to:

Validating a new idea
Improving an existing product
Testing new markets

At the end of the sprint you will know if your product is viable, needs further work or should be scrapped entirely.

Key benefits

The MadeByPi Design Sprint will deliver many benefits including:

Solving the most complex problems
Getting rapid results
Increasing your creativity
Testing without coding
Reducing risk
Maximising your ROI
Impressing your investors

Essentially, you will be able to validate assumptions, use customer insights and data to inform on design and test new products and ideas in a fast and cost-effective way, making sure your product is on the right path before making a significant investment.

“The most common estimate is that it’s 100 times cheaper to make a change before any code has been written than it is to wait until after the implementation is complete.” Jakob Nielsen

Design sprint stages

The first stage is to define the problem, personas and behaviours, user experience (UX) and the competition. Outputs: Defined Proposition, KPI’s, personas and user-journeys.

We brainstorm ideas and concepts that solve the problem identified in the first day covering user journeys, interfaces, features and aesthetics. Outputs: A large collection of ideas and a sitemap.

We pool all the outputs and evaluate them, prioritising and refining them. By the end of the session we will have collected all the ideas and features that we want to take forward. Outputs: Final concept wireframes and information architecture.

At this point we bring the sketches to life by creating an interactive prototype for internal and customer testing. Outputs: working prototype and testing brief.

User Testing
The final stage is to validate the prototype with real users to decide if the product should be developed, refined or discarded. At MadeByPi we have a fully equipped viewing facility enabling us to record how users interact with the prototype and to capture their feedback. Outputs: user feedback.

Our Role

We will work with your team via workshops and remote sessions using our tried-and-tested techniques and expertise to guide you through the process and ensure you get the best results. Specifically, we:

Run our pre-sprint research to get more qualified insights
Facilitate all the sprint activities, including user testing
Build the prototypes
Provide the office space and the viewing facility
Supply the materials
Report and document

5 day design sprint

What you get

At the end of the sprint you will have:

  1. A detailed understanding of the problem, solution, audience, and success metrics
  2. The assets created during the sessions – photos, notes, sketches, etc.
  3. UX deliverables: personas, customer experience journey map, solution storyboard
  4. A working and validated prototype
  5. Summary findings from user testing
  6. A plan with recommended next steps

Design Sprint Packages

We offer two packages, a faster iteration compressed into 3 days and ideal for time pressured teams while the full 5-day MadeByPi Design Sprint is for those requiring deeper insights. If you are unclear which is best for you we are happy to guide you through options.

3-day Design Sprint

Day 1: Discovery
Day 2: Ideation and selection
Day 3: Prototype and user testing

5-day Design Sprint

Day 1: Discovery
Day 2: Ideation
Day 3: Selection
Day 4: Prototype
Day 5: User testing

Understand your users

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Why MadeByPi

MadeByPi is a full service digital experience agency. We provide end-to-end digital services from opportunity spotting through to development and marketing. And we do it at sprint speed.

We are multi-award winning, with a 20-year track record and a diverse team of consumer researchers, strategists, creatives, technologists and marketers all experts in our fields.

Part artists and part scientists, we work with leading brands to deliver solutions that drive engagement, retention and revenue growth.

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