To do great work, we need great staff. Luckily we have a huge pile of those but we are always on the look out for more. Passionate about design? Fanatical about web development? Or just love MadeByPi? Answered yes to any of the above? We want to hear from you. Send your CV to or simply apply to a specific role below.

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy

The Shining, Stanley Kubrick 1980

Here at MadeByPi we know that happy staff leads to great work, so if there’s a digital conference you want to go to or training that you think will help you develop your skills we’ll do our best to accommodate it. We believe in developing the team to get great results.

MadebyPi has been working with some of the biggest brands for over 20 years. We love to share our knowledge and run regular workshops, hack days and digital events to keep our team and clients aware of all the great work we do. Because we work so hard, it’s only fair we play equally as hard. With cheeky Friday night drinks, lunchtime yoga sessions, football Wednesdays, foosball and pool tournaments and spontaneous picnics in the park, life at Pi is… well you’ll just have to see for yourself!

We use freelancers to help out during busy times, so if you’re a self-motivated, hardworking web or design freelancer, drop us an email at with your CV and day rates.