Do you really understand your users?

How much do you really know about your website visitors and app users? Are you making informed decisions or dangerous assumptions on design, content and structure? And are you convinced you are maximising your conversion rates through lead generation and revenue growth opportunities?

Having a beautiful website, or app, and driving traffic through paid media will do little to bring in more leads and win new customers if the fundamentals are broken. You really need to understand what your visitors are interested in and what they are experiencing before you can convert them to loyal customers. Because if you don’t, your competitors will.

Are you confident that you truly know:

  1. What your users really want?
  2. What is working and what should be improved?
  3. If your messaging and content is clear, balanced and well targeted?
  4. If the structure and layout are optimised for best results?
  5. That the CTAs are clear engaging and intuitive?
  6. That you are getting optimal conversion rates?

User analytics for conversion rates

How to increase conversion rates

At its simplest, you get more conversions by increasing the quality of your user interactions.

This can be achieved by engineering your products to put the user first, engaging them for longer, and encouraging them to learn more about you. Success is in understanding your users’ needs and motivations and trying to interact with them.

Decisions should not be based on assumptions or what the business thinks is important but should be informed through actual user insights combined with analytics data analysis and UX best practices.

Understand your users
If you don’t know what your users want, their pain-points and how they flow through your product, it’s harder to serve their needs. Overcome this through deeper data analysis and real user insights.

Highlight user objectives
Users will have some goals in mind when they browse and interact. Identify and highlighting these goals early on to increase engagement, retention and revenue growth.

Signpost the user journey
Use the customer insights to place and prioritise content that is most important, unique and profitable.

Streamline content
There is a very small window of opportunity to capture your visitors’ attention and convince them that you offer the ideal solution. Review content objectively to see if it communicates your key messaging and conforms to the customer insights then tailor it for SEO.

Continuous improvement
These tests should not be one-offs or viewed in isolation but rather as a constant experimentation and evolution. Real user insights and a program of ongoing enhancement will ensure that your digital product is kept up to date and consistently performing by increasing conversions by offering a positive user experience.

user conversion rates

Tools and techniques to improve conversion rates

There are several methods and tools available which can be used together or alone to identify what is working and what needs attention.

User insight and research
We can understand users’ motivations by gathering spontaneous and prompted reactions from a carefully selected target audience and then deep-dive on specific user experience questions. This feedback is then rolled into the customer journey funnel.

Usability studies
This technique looks at how users interact with the product by getting them to run tasks and record their interactions and feedback. This feedback will inform whether the product fits the intended purpose or needs further improvement.

Design sprints and rapid experimentation
Looking to improve a digital product or introduce a new one can be daunting prospect which can be expensive and time consuming. An alternative is to run a three or five-day design sprint to break down a complex problem and create a customer-validated prototype before committing to development.

User experience (UX) best practices
A UX designer will be able to quickly evaluate a product based on tried-and-tested conventions that will likely highlight some quick win opportunities and areas for deeper exploration.

Customer journey mapping
This task illustrates how visitors engage with your brand. Improving it is one of the most effective ways to increase conversions be that more leads or increased sales.

Path analysis and analytics
While most websites have Google Analytics tools, knowing how to make sense of the data is often challenging. There are other tools that go beyond the user funnels to identify what visitors are doing on the site showing heat maps of popular elements. Combined, this information will inform on site structure and content placement.

A/B testing and multivariant testing
Before rolling out major site changes, tools can be used to test proposed UX and UI changes to see which produces the best results. Single page tests can be run through A/B testing and multiple variables can also be measured.

Segmenting visitors properly can lead to huge increases in conversions. Not restricted to just different landing pages but to different offers, language and designed to best suit the target audience. Again, these can be measured through conversion rates, users’ insights, analytics and A/B testing. 

Improving and optimising digital products should not be a periodic one-off but rather a constant process of improvement and enhancement. For example, run 1,000 experiments on their site at any one time to ensure they offer the best user experience and achieve the highest conversion rates.

Staying competitive online for the long haul means leveraging every opportunity and increasing awareness and optimising the conversion rates.

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