The Brief

McCain Foodservice were looking for a better solution to help their remote sales team advise clients and prospects on new products and the best product mix to suit their business.

“The app is already proving to be a great success with the sales team; streamlining all of the collateral created for them in a really simple, easy to use platform. And not only that, customers love it too. The app is so visual and intuitive, it makes for a great experience for sales rep and customers alike”

Catherine Rigg, McCain Foodservice, Senior Category Manager

McCain App

Our Solution

The MadeByPi research and UX teams evaluated the original content and studied the sales funnel which lead us to recommend a mobile app with two sections. The first was a sales presenter and the second a knowledge centre to help the sales team select the correct products and mix.

The content was all managed through a central CMS and synced up to the device.

McCain App


Having a centrally managed sales tool meant that the sales team was all updated and presenting the same brand messages. McCain reported an increase in new business, an increase in average order values and reduced collateral print costs.

The app went on win the Marketing on Mobile Awards (MOMAs), Best Mobile/Tablet B2B App and got shortlisted for the Prolific North Awards and the DADIs.

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