Ecommerce can be a frustrating task to get right, as there are many seemingly small elements which can easily combine to create an unsatisfactory user experience. Here are a few frustrations which your ecommerce customer base will find difficult to ignore…

Poor Product Images

Humans are inherently visual creatures, and so strong visuals are a must when designing your site. There are plenty of websites who still use tiny, unclear images when appealing to shoppers, but this prevents online customers from getting a real feel for how a particular product truly looks and feels. Incorporating some knowledge of these needs into your UX design helps to increase customer interest in your offering, and could just hold their interest enough to prompt a purchase.

Limited Product Information

Your customers want to know details when they’re considering making a purchase. By the time they reach your ecommerce website, you’ve already achieved something, in that they are interested enough to browse and see what your brand has to offer. But without sufficient product info, including any features or benefits, and measurements (particularly in the case of clothing) it will be difficult to win over their trust sufficiently enough to secure a purchase. Shoppers want information and clarity, and giving them this can lead to that crucial final step which makes the difference between an abandoned browse and a purchase.

Lengthy Checkout Processes

Ordering from you should be a simple and straightforward process, even in the case of ecommerce platforms with customisation options.

Unclear Navigation

If your customers can’t find what they’re looking for, they won’t be empowered to make a purchase. Look at each stage of your user experience design from your customers perspective, ensuring optimum ease of navigation throughout the site.

Insufficient Contact Details

Online shoppers want to know they can contact the company they are buying from in the event of a problem or an enquiry. This makes perfect sense; ecommerce asks for a great deal of trust from their customers, in particular when asking them to part with financial information through their platform – so why would they offer this info when a company doesn’t offer their means of contact? As a general rule, the pricier your offering, the more demand you will find for contact details from customers.

What next? 

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