If you’re planning a new website or application and are unsure where to start, then our Discovery Scoping Session is for you.

It’s a 3-step method that’ll define your product, the customer journey and the features for launch and beyond. You’ll have a website/ app scoping document to present to the board, go on to develop and even use as the basis of an RFP.

Moreover, you’ll have the foundation for building a digital product that’ll inspire, engage and convert.



Why do it

Traditionally, briefs are sent to agencies based on a loose understanding of the product to which the agency responds with their best understanding. This quotation will be caveated with a “subject to scoping” clause that can add significant costs to the project.

So, aside from getting full insight and clarity of your product, you’ll also be able to get firm quotes devoid of ambiguity and hidden costs. Of course, we’d love to be considered for the development, but there’s no obligation!



What’s included

The Discovery and Scoping Session starts with a look into where you are now, where your proposed product will fit and what the competition are doing. The second stage is to run a workshop with you to present back the findings and then deep-dive into the product and all its features. Finally, we’ll deliver a concise report detailing the requirements and roadmap.

The full breakdown is:

Understanding and Insights

Desk-based research to gather analytics data, identify challenges and successes.

  • Analytics and journey tracking audit
  • UX review
  • Competitor analysis
  • Content review
  • Pre-session questionnaire
Understanding and Insights

Discovery Day Session

A 1-day onsite workshop to share our insights, identify the current position and agree future requirements.

Part 1: Where we are now

  • Current position and challenges
  • Analytics and tracking data learnings
  • Feedback on content, questionnaire and UX paths

Part 2: Where we want to be

  • Defining the future proposition
  • Strategic/ business objectives and KPIs
  • Create user personas
  • Map customer journeys
  • Functionality by stakeholder
  • Review industry best practices
  • How to convert
Discovery Day

Scoping Report

Consolidate the findings into a concise and clear report for presentation.

  • Objectives and KPIs
  • Features and requirements
  • User personas
  • User flow
  • Customer journey map
  • Content and media strategy
  • On-page details
  • Information architecture
  • CMS/ solution recommendation
  • Site map
Scoping Circles

Next Steps

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